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I write Thrillers, Dark Fantasy, and other dope shit. You can check out parts 1 & 2 of THE NEPHILIM CHRONICLES for free by clicking the book covers below and taking advantage of the "Look Inside" feature at Amazon.com. If you're interested in my take on the craft and process of writing fiction, see the Writing section of my blog.



When an ancient cult hunts his people to the brink of extinction, Jequon fights for the survival of his noble race.

But can he stop his enemies’ holycaust in time when God wants him dead, and his only ally is a woman of faith trained to ensnare him?

From the bomb-scarred streets and back alleys of Sarajevo, to the underground labyrinths of New York City, a zealous enemy hunts the Nephilim…

If Chuck Palahniuk had written Underworld…
Just ripped through this first installment of this new series in two sittings.

The story: This book defies comparisons. Yes, it has vampires, but these are not your daughters’ vampires. They are but the spires on a dark metropolis of good, evil, and you-not-sure-which-is-which. Jeremy Lee James has meticulously crafted a sweeping underpinning to the world we know, a vast economy of mostly-immortals whose raison d’être is far deeper than taste for blood. (Far deeper. If you know who the Nephilim are, you know of what I speak.) Yes, there are guns, asses kicked, and blood drained…but there are also ancient texts written in “angel” blood, “biblical truths” masked by time and agency, and a network of those who want them revealed (or expunged) as menacing and pervasive as the Matrix’s Agents. This read wasn’t a breeze in two sittings, it was a straight-lined derecho wind that tells you why your sunshine just went dark. Can’t wait for the Part Two.

The writing: This Jeremy dude has DEFINITELY read Chuck Palahniuk. His precise narrative banishes milquetoast verbs. He conveys quickening emotion through a teeth-clenched sneer. He drives the story like techno in a Mustang convertible in San Diego ever-shine. And in the darkness, the sub-story is well-researched, deeply esoteric, yet presented accessibly to the uninitiated reader. He paints each scene with a sensory assault that grounds the reader, without grinding their face in it. The text is clean, surgically edited, and fits the subject matter (and the reader) like a silk suit hand-hemmed by an Italian tailor.

My recommendation: Spend three bucks, grab a bottle of absinthe…and read this book. I’ll bet you’ll know at least three people to whom you will recommend it. I do.

Fantastic debut. Can’t wait for the next one.
— Christopher P. Simmons, author JUDAS CHRIST
A Kickass Badass. I…was immediately struck by the talent of debut author Jeremy Lee James. I’m generally not one for vampires, but was sucked into Jequon’s world with the first sentence.
Jequon is a half-human/half-angel badass who lives in plain sight, yet is entrenched in the biblical underworld of his father, a very real and dangerous world that mere mortals cannot and do not know. He’s everything a compelling character should be–strong, conflicted, introspective, and prone to moments of poor decision-making in spite of his super powers. Gun fights, drugs, blood-sucking, and a hint of romance–it’s all there–an urban fantasy on thriller steroids that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The well-crafted, tautly written novel kept me turning the pages, and the complicated web of a story kept me longing for more. This is one of those books I ended up reading more than once, and that’s saying a lot.
This debut offering is a harbinger of things to come, and I cannot wait for the second installment. Please don’t keep us waiting long, Mr. James.
— Claudia Whitsitt, author BETWEEN THE LINES
Masterful and thought-provoking urban fantasy thriller. More please! I finished reading I, JEQUON by Jeremy Lee James late last night and I’m still waiting for my heart to stop racing. In this urban fantasy thriller, Jequon, a Naphil (half angel-half human) is charged with protecting his dwindling race from the SOJ, a powerful and connected secret society/cult bent on Nephilim extermination. It’s a responsibility about which Jequon is deadly serious. This is not your run-of-the-mill mind-candy vampire romance, but rather, a carefully considered, thought-provoking thriller. I was especially taken with the manner Mr. James weaves his vampire mythology together with biblical references in a way that crafts a solid foundation for his world-building. I found the hinted-at complexity of Nephalim history particularly appealing, and I’m looking forward to see how Mr. James brings everything together in the subsequent books. It’s a terrific roller coaster ride from page one. Bravo!

-- Douglas J. Bornemann, author THE DEMON OF HISTLEWICK DOWNS
…I am sure I will stay with this writer. I was surprised he could hook me so quickly and so well, but he has a unique concept and a compelling pace. This feels movie-ready. Can’t wait for the second installment.
— Alsson ‘Bluster’, Amazon Reviewer
I, JEQUON is an epic thrill ride of supernatural proportions between the forces of light and dark with conflict within conflict. If you enjoy bigger than life stories…this one is for you!

--Matthew J. Pallamary, author EYE OF THE PREDATOR



In this exciting continuation of THE NEPHILIM CHRONICLES, Jequon, the half-angel, half-human hero of this series must team up with the deadly and beautiful Lure, Mercy Lake.

But can they both stay alive long enough to save Jequon’s only connection to his murderous enemies, Cynthia Hernandez—a deadly Lure in her own right, and Mercy’s best friend—when God and his disciples here on earth will stop at nothing to kill him and bring about the End of Days?

A taut, superbly crafted thrill ride. WITH MERCY is the second installment of Jeremy James’ urban fantasy thriller series “The Nephilim Chronicles.” Half-angel Jequon struggles to survive and to discover the identities of his mortal enemies, the Sons of Jared. He’s accompanied by Mercy, a woman raised from an early age specifically to kill him, but who has incentive to cooperate instead since she views his aid as vital for rescuing her best friend. The action takes place in the context of an ambitious and fascinating back story that integrates vampires, the Dead Sea scrolls and the seven signs of the apocalypse. I was sucked in from page one. The pace is relentless, the characters compelling, the writing bold and gritty, and the craftsmanship, superb. Can’t wait for the next installment. Highly, highly recommend!
— Douglas Bornemann, author THE DEMON of HISTLEWICK DOWNS
Heart-Pumping Urban Fantasy Thriller. I’m addicted to these chronicles and can’t wait for the next installment. Mr. James delivered again–he not only writes perfect prose woven into a complex story, but provides his readers with an action-packed amusement ride that keeps them holding on for dear life. As a fan of James’ fiction, I’m drawn to his characters because they are real (despite the blood-sucking ageless protagonist), raw, and faced with innumerable challenges. As Jequon fights for his life and his beliefs, he finds love despite logic. What reader wouldn’t want more?

--Claudia Whitsitt, author BETWEEN THE LINES