WRITER. Trucker. Nomad.



About Jeremy Lee James


In Brief

I write fiction, but not full-time. Not yet.

To make money, I haul freight around the United States in a semi-truck (to save money, I also live out of it).

Previously, I was a web designer, and before that, a strength coach.

I prefer the life of a nomad. A hunter-gatherer, not a farmer. An artist, not a conformist. I value the mobility afforded by minimalism over the illusory comforts of owning too many things.

I’m equal parts Taoist, Stoic, and whatever adherents of Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality call themselves. But fuck labels.

When I’m not driving, I’m writing. When I’m not reading, I’m hiking.

Standup comedy, movies, and mixed martial arts fill in the gaps.